Spring Smells Like Fish

Day 23

Smells are so powerful at eliciting memories. I love that about scents.

Today reminded me of my dad.

I stepped out of my car onto a soggy parking lot, and I immediately smelled
a lake. There is no lake. But I sensed a lake.

I smelled a dock and fishing poles and bait.

I smelled my dad teaching me how to put a worm on a hook.

I smelled being afraid of hooks.

I smelled being hot in the sun but so happy.

I smelled horseflies and frogs.

I smelled scared of touching a live fish.

I smelled my dad’s big hands holding my little hands and helping me with the

I smelled happy.

I smelled pride.

I smelled love.

I smelled a beautiful childhood memory.

2 responses to “Spring Smells Like Fish”

  1. I love this! I am very smell-sensitive. It seems like I can detect smells that others can’t. It’s a gift and a curse. : )
    I also enjoyed the structure you used for this slice. I’ll have to try it.


  2. I LOVED this writing piece. I loved the repetition of “I smelled . . .” I can smell the memories you made over the years with your dad!


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