Açaí and Blueberry Chocolate

Day 22

First I taste the dark chocolate. A little bitter not as sweet as milk chocolate but I like it

Then it turns sweet I taste the blueberry

The blueberries are chewy.

Do I like the chewiness? I’m not sure. Kind of. Now the lingering taste of the chocolate is back. I really like that taste.

I need sample that again.

I do like the chewy. It makes the chocolate flavor last longer.

Bag is almost gone and I didn’t even think I would like this flavor.

I might buy another one.

I will buy another one.

I need a new bag of Açaí and blueberry chocolate.


5 responses to “Açaí and Blueberry Chocolate”

  1. I love these. It’s equally pleasurable to read about them (without the calories)! 😂


  2. I saw those on your desk the other day. It was tempting!


  3. This is one my my favorite snacks. Yum!!


  4. I love the dark chocolate cherries and blueberries! Soo good.

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  5. These are SO good. And this is why I run… hahah!!


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