• 5k Smiles- Day 31

    I ran a 5K today. It was special.

    Running for me is nothing new. I have shirts from so many runs I don’t know what to do with them. — St. Patrick’s Day runs, Thanksgiving day runs, reindeer runs rock ‘n’ roll runs, and many many more with no holiday connection!

    I have completed six marathons and raised thousands of dollars for a cancer charity in the memory of my mother. I have tracked over 5,000 miles on my Nike Running app.

    But today was special.

    Today I ran with my children. It was nothing planned. Just 2 laps around the neighborhood, three and a half miles. That’s what made it special.

    My daughter jumped in first. Hey, Dad can I join you? Me too, said my son.

    Off we went.

    They were faster than me and both wanted to talk more than I could. Nothing important just chatter.

    We talked about trees and animals and cars that drove by. We talked about lunch and running cramps and how they haven’t run in a year.

    We talked about how they want to run with me more.

    I felt so happy.

  • Go Carts and Laser Tag – Day 30

    Just went Go Cart racing with the kids.

    Lunch at In-N-Out Burger and then to Andretti Indoor Carting. So Fun!

    We did one race on a multi-level track. The carts are electric which makes them really fast. Up and down and around for 10 minutes which I thought would be too short. It wasn’t. I was out of breath after 10 minutes. Perfect amount of time.

    Next, we played laser tag. I didn’t want to do it at first. Never done it before and it’s a kids game, right? But it was just the four of us and it would have been just two if the adults didn’t play. I’m so glad my son talked me in to it. It was so fun. We did adults vs. kids. We lost. I think I liked the laser tag the best.

    We also rode a Ferris Wheel. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a Ferris Wheel. It was the open-air variety. Kind of scary when the chair clears the top and starts it’s way down.

    The whole place was really nice. I loved spending the day with the family.

  • Humidity – Day 29

    How about that feeling when you first walk out of the baggage claim doors and feel the heat. Feel the humidity. Feel the sunshine.

    What a great feeling.

    Our bodies grow so accustomed to the freezing cold in the winter. The cold feels ok in November. Something new.

    December is fine too. The holidays.

    January is terrible, February is short and by March- enough already. I’m sick of being freezing cold all the time.

    But when I walk out the the doors, with my luggage in tow. Heat splashes my body and sun squints my eyes. What a great feeling.

    Even if it’s just for a few days.

  • My Dog is Not On Spring Break Day 28

    My dog is not on Spring Break.  I learned that this morning.  

    I wanted to sleep in.  We had friends over last night, and it was the first day of spring break.  

    I love my dog; I do.  She is brilliant and loving towards all people, but I did not love her this morning. 

    We weren’t up too late.  Maybe 11 PM after we cleaned up, and I walked her one last time.  I always think if I walk her late, she will sleep in.  I usually walk her at 8:30, and she is up by 6:30 AM.  I was hoping some of that two and a half hours would transfer to the morning, and we could sleep in.  

    It didn’t. 

    I think she has OCD. I don’t mean to make light of this condition, but she likes things her way.  She wants to walk before she eats.  She will leave her food if I give it before the walk.  She likes to sleep in her bed for half the night and sneak into ours.  She likes to get up early.

    Nudge; it’s 6:15. Time to get up!  Time to take me out so I can eat.  

    Doesn’t she know spring break started?  Please get back in your bed and leave us alone.  I just walked you 6 hours ago.  

    I don’t care.  The clock says 6—time for you to take me out. 

    I am losing this battle.  How about a compromise?  I will take you out at 7.  Just lay in your bed until seven, and we will go out then. 


    I hope you will agree to 8 by the end of the week.  


  • Sunday Morning Day 27

    Newspaper. An actual paper newspaper

    Jane Pauley and trumpets

    Coffee. Lots of coffee

    A long walk with the dog. Or a 5K run if the weather is warm.

    Shooting hoops in the driveway with the kids and Football, basketball, car racing, baseball; whatever is in season on the TV.

    Laundry. Endless laundry.

    Family dinner. Early family dinner. All cleaned up by five.

    Watch a show and off to bed.

    It all starts with Sunday morning

  • Nicola Misovic

    I can’t stop thinking about Nicola Misovic. He went to work on Tuesday and didn’t come home. He was short and killed by an angry employee who shot another person and then took his own life.

    It is so sad. The horror of it. But now I’m stuck with thoughts of the mundane. The dry cleaning, his gym membership, the airline tickets he will never use.

    He went to work on Tuesday and then it all ended. It’s so abrupt. So difficult to comprehend.

    What about family? He was 30. He might have kids, a wife. His parents are probably alive. How will they deal with this? Oh, it is so sad.

    Maybe he was single and just had a dog. How will they get inside his place? How long was the dog home before they got in.

    Mortgage, retirement savings, car loan credit card bills.

    So much to untangle.

    So much sorrow.

    So much unfinished life.

  • Spring Break – A Haiku

    Day 25

    by Kevin B

    Meandering thoughts
    A weary, happy sunscreen flies
    enjoying my friends

  • Why is Hate So Popular?  

    Day 24           

    My daughter told me a story yesterday about her gym class. A boy said to her, basketball is a boy’s game. Why do you bother playing? You suck. 

    She is the wrong girl to say that to.

    See my previous post about how she

    dominates in everything sports. 

    “So, what did you say back to him?”

    “Is that why you ride the bench all the time?”  Ouch.  Good comeback, I thought.  The kid didn’t say another word to her the rest of the class. 

    Today, my wife texts me that the middle school son of her coworker received a picture in his locker today.  He is Jewish and the picture was of Mussolini.

    That is completely awful. 

    Her coworker was fuming, and his son was very upset.  He does not want to go back to school tomorrow.  I understand why. 

    Why is hate so popular?

    The basketball comment and even the comeback are hateful (although I really enjoyed the comeback).

    Taking the time to print out a mean picture and deliver it is extraordinarily hateful. 

    I just don’t get it. 

    Being nice takes no more energy than being mean.  (I think it takes more energy to be mean).

    Is it control?  Probably. 

    But it seems to me that you could just choose to do something else, talk to other people, interact with the things that make you happy and CHOOSE to stay away from the things that don’t. 

    Don’t keep angry feelings inside. Find someone to talk to so it doesn’t come out as hate.   

  • Spring Smells Like Fish

    Day 23

    Smells are so powerful at eliciting memories. I love that about scents.

    Today reminded me of my dad.

    I stepped out of my car onto a soggy parking lot, and I immediately smelled
    a lake. There is no lake. But I sensed a lake.

    I smelled a dock and fishing poles and bait.

    I smelled my dad teaching me how to put a worm on a hook.

    I smelled being afraid of hooks.

    I smelled being hot in the sun but so happy.

    I smelled horseflies and frogs.

    I smelled scared of touching a live fish.

    I smelled my dad’s big hands holding my little hands and helping me with the

    I smelled happy.

    I smelled pride.

    I smelled love.

    I smelled a beautiful childhood memory.

  • Açaí and Blueberry Chocolate

    Day 22

    First I taste the dark chocolate. A little bitter not as sweet as milk chocolate but I like it

    Then it turns sweet I taste the blueberry

    The blueberries are chewy.

    Do I like the chewiness? I’m not sure. Kind of. Now the lingering taste of the chocolate is back. I really like that taste.

    I need sample that again.

    I do like the chewy. It makes the chocolate flavor last longer.

    Bag is almost gone and I didn’t even think I would like this flavor.

    I might buy another one.

    I will buy another one.

    I need a new bag of Açaí and blueberry chocolate.

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