Why is Hate So Popular?  

Day 24           

My daughter told me a story yesterday about her gym class. A boy said to her, basketball is a boy’s game. Why do you bother playing? You suck. 

She is the wrong girl to say that to.

See my previous post about how she

dominates in everything sports. 

“So, what did you say back to him?”

“Is that why you ride the bench all the time?”  Ouch.  Good comeback, I thought.  The kid didn’t say another word to her the rest of the class. 

Today, my wife texts me that the middle school son of her coworker received a picture in his locker today.  He is Jewish and the picture was of Mussolini.

That is completely awful. 

Her coworker was fuming, and his son was very upset.  He does not want to go back to school tomorrow.  I understand why. 

Why is hate so popular?

The basketball comment and even the comeback are hateful (although I really enjoyed the comeback).

Taking the time to print out a mean picture and deliver it is extraordinarily hateful. 

I just don’t get it. 

Being nice takes no more energy than being mean.  (I think it takes more energy to be mean).

Is it control?  Probably. 

But it seems to me that you could just choose to do something else, talk to other people, interact with the things that make you happy and CHOOSE to stay away from the things that don’t. 

Don’t keep angry feelings inside. Find someone to talk to so it doesn’t come out as hate.   

2 responses to “Why is Hate So Popular?  ”

  1. Your post resonates with me on so many levels. When I was bullied in Junior High I had hoped it wouldn’t follow the students in the years to come. It has only gotten worse and I fear it may continue to do so.


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