5k Smiles- Day 31

I ran a 5K today. It was special.

Running for me is nothing new. I have shirts from so many runs I don’t know what to do with them. — St. Patrick’s Day runs, Thanksgiving day runs, reindeer runs rock ‘n’ roll runs, and many many more with no holiday connection!

I have completed six marathons and raised thousands of dollars for a cancer charity in the memory of my mother. I have tracked over 5,000 miles on my Nike Running app.

But today was special.

Today I ran with my children. It was nothing planned. Just 2 laps around the neighborhood, three and a half miles. That’s what made it special.

My daughter jumped in first. Hey, Dad can I join you? Me too, said my son.

Off we went.

They were faster than me and both wanted to talk more than I could. Nothing important just chatter.

We talked about trees and animals and cars that drove by. We talked about lunch and running cramps and how they haven’t run in a year.

We talked about how they want to run with me more.

I felt so happy.

9 responses to “5k Smiles- Day 31”

  1. This is definitely an occasion to celebrate! Anything a family can do together is fabulous! For us, it’s skiing! There’s nothing like that family time and the memories created!

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  2. That is a celebration for sure! Being a family with those similar interests makes for great memories! Then, when they grow up, you have a solid foundation on how to go forward.

    Thank you for sharing with us your active slice! 🙂

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  3. Very cool memory on this chilly day!

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    1. We are in Texas visiting cousins so weather is nice!!


  4. What a happy post! Super happy you have young runners following in your footprint!

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  5. I loved nothing more than running with my dad! We ran countless 5K together too. I’m glad your kids joined you.

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  6. What a great way to end March and start a new hobby together!! Enjoy your family runs!!

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  7. I love this slice. You will reread this next year and be happy to have captured this special family moment. Great job slicing this year! Enjoy that warm Texas weather for a few more days. 🙂

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