Go Carts and Laser Tag – Day 30

Just went Go Cart racing with the kids.

Lunch at In-N-Out Burger and then to Andretti Indoor Carting. So Fun!

We did one race on a multi-level track. The carts are electric which makes them really fast. Up and down and around for 10 minutes which I thought would be too short. It wasn’t. I was out of breath after 10 minutes. Perfect amount of time.

Next, we played laser tag. I didn’t want to do it at first. Never done it before and it’s a kids game, right? But it was just the four of us and it would have been just two if the adults didn’t play. I’m so glad my son talked me in to it. It was so fun. We did adults vs. kids. We lost. I think I liked the laser tag the best.

We also rode a Ferris Wheel. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a Ferris Wheel. It was the open-air variety. Kind of scary when the chair clears the top and starts it’s way down.

The whole place was really nice. I loved spending the day with the family.

2 responses to “Go Carts and Laser Tag – Day 30”

  1. Do you see your pattern- what you did, why you maybe didn’t want to, how fun it was! You could even make this into a poem with a verse for each activity. So glad you were open to trying new things and enjoyed this fun with your family!


  2. That sounds like my kinda place!! Enjoy!!


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