Humidity – Day 29

How about that feeling when you first walk out of the baggage claim doors and feel the heat. Feel the humidity. Feel the sunshine.

What a great feeling.

Our bodies grow so accustomed to the freezing cold in the winter. The cold feels ok in November. Something new.

December is fine too. The holidays.

January is terrible, February is short and by March- enough already. I’m sick of being freezing cold all the time.

But when I walk out the the doors, with my luggage in tow. Heat splashes my body and sun squints my eyes. What a great feeling.

Even if it’s just for a few days.

3 responses to “Humidity – Day 29”

  1. Enjoy that feeling! It is freezing again in central PA. I agree, March – enough already! We may have freezing rain tomorrow which could delay school and we have a field trip scheduled for tomorrow morning. The first one in like two years:(

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  2. “Heat splashes my body and sun squints my eyes.” That sounds delightful just about now; we are experiencing frigid weather this week. Enjoy your break!

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  3. I LOVE that feeling! So glad to be experiencing it right now! And happy you are too! We need it!


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