My Dog is Not On Spring Break Day 28

My dog is not on Spring Break.  I learned that this morning.  

I wanted to sleep in.  We had friends over last night, and it was the first day of spring break.  

I love my dog; I do.  She is brilliant and loving towards all people, but I did not love her this morning. 

We weren’t up too late.  Maybe 11 PM after we cleaned up, and I walked her one last time.  I always think if I walk her late, she will sleep in.  I usually walk her at 8:30, and she is up by 6:30 AM.  I was hoping some of that two and a half hours would transfer to the morning, and we could sleep in.  

It didn’t. 

I think she has OCD. I don’t mean to make light of this condition, but she likes things her way.  She wants to walk before she eats.  She will leave her food if I give it before the walk.  She likes to sleep in her bed for half the night and sneak into ours.  She likes to get up early.

Nudge; it’s 6:15. Time to get up!  Time to take me out so I can eat.  

Doesn’t she know spring break started?  Please get back in your bed and leave us alone.  I just walked you 6 hours ago.  

I don’t care.  The clock says 6—time for you to take me out. 

I am losing this battle.  How about a compromise?  I will take you out at 7.  Just lay in your bed until seven, and we will go out then. 


I hope you will agree to 8 by the end of the week.  


One response to “My Dog is Not On Spring Break Day 28”

  1. Oh yes, THIS! My puppy is used to being up every day with my fiance around 6. Sometimes we can push it to 6:45 on the weekends, but he is an early riser so no big deal. But he’s gone this week and I’m home. On spring break. And she wanted me up at 6:30! Yaawwwnnn. How am I supposed to sleep in?

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