Nicola Misovic

I can’t stop thinking about Nicola Misovic. He went to work on Tuesday and didn’t come home. He was short and killed by an angry employee who shot another person and then took his own life.

It is so sad. The horror of it. But now I’m stuck with thoughts of the mundane. The dry cleaning, his gym membership, the airline tickets he will never use.

He went to work on Tuesday and then it all ended. It’s so abrupt. So difficult to comprehend.

What about family? He was 30. He might have kids, a wife. His parents are probably alive. How will they deal with this? Oh, it is so sad.

Maybe he was single and just had a dog. How will they get inside his place? How long was the dog home before they got in.

Mortgage, retirement savings, car loan credit card bills.

So much to untangle.

So much sorrow.

So much unfinished life.

3 responses to “Nicola Misovic”

  1. It always makes me so sad to hear these stories. I wish people would seek out help instead of taking matters into their own hands and thinking that violence is the only way to solve a problem. 😦


  2. I often think about these things too. Terrible…. It is so scary and sad.


  3. Extremely sad for all who knew him and for all those that didn’t. It’s so scary to know that there are people out there that don’t see the value in life, even a young person’s life. My heart breaks for Nicola’s family and friends and for the life he wasn’t able to live.


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